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WordPress is an open source blogging platform and content management system that is used by many of the most popular blogs and websites on the Internet including Mashable, TechCrunch, Ford Motors, People Magazine and the New York Times. Over the years, WordPress has become the most used blogging platform on the Web because of the many advantages it has over Google Blogger. In particular, WordPress offers greater flexibility, extensibility and customization options than Blogger.

HelloInfinity, with great experience in WordPress website design, has successfully executed over many WordPress projects and has hands on experience in customizing WordPress applications for the varying needs of our clients globally. This enables us to offer a full portfolio of WordPress related services and also helps our clients to leverage on this knowledge.

Features of WordPress

  • WordPress is available in two forms. If you have a personal website, you can download and install WordPress on your domain so you can manage every aspect of the blog. If you prefer to stay out of the technical muck, WordPress.com offers free hosted blogging solutions with several paid upgrades including custom domains, themes and advanced analytics packages. Whatever option you choose, WordPress stores your data in an open XML format that can be easily transferred to other WordPress blogs or different content management systems. Blogger, on the other hand, is a closed system that employs a proprietary XML file type to store your entries. Moving your content to different systems or to a different site requires time-consuming and complicated file conversions.

  • If you self-host WordPress, you can easily add functionality to your website with the installation of WordPress plug-ins. From integrating content from other websites like Facebook or Flickr to modifying the structure of your blog, WordPress plug-ins allow you to customize your blog to suit your needs with just a few mouse clicks. Since the plug-in system is built into WordPress, users install add-ons directly from the WordPress dashboard. While Blogger gadgets have some similarities to WordPress plug-ins, the functionality of gadgets is very limited and it is difficult to re-engineer the structure of a Blogger blog.

  • Like WordPress plug-ins, themes can be installed in just a few mouse clicks. The WordPress theme engine allows you to quickly and easily change the look and feel of your blog. The WordPress theme ecosystem contains thousands of free and paid options available for download. Changing your theme in Blogger is a simple enough process but the library of available themes remains smaller than that for WordPress. Moreover, if you want to integrate a custom theme on your website, there is no simple process for installing the code. Instead you must copy and paste complex code through a raw HTML interface to use third-party theme packages.

  • Although Blogger is developed by Google, it lacks many of the search engine optimizations that are at the heart of WordPress. Blogs powered by WordPress are optimized for Google, Yahoo! and Bing right out of the box. In particular, WordPress entries include a variety of meta tags that search engines use to determine how to index your pages. As a result, your WordPress blog will more readily appear high in search engine rankings and readers arriving at your blog through a search engine results page will know what to expect.

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