Drupal website development

Drupal website development

Drupal CMS is an open-source web development application and content management system for building dynamic websites with a broad range of features. From developing enterprise portals to personal websites, Drupal has huge fan following among publishing houses, programmers, web developers as well as SEO experts for its robust and flexible architecture.

At HelloInfinity, we are heavily focused on Drupal site development, and we contribute to the community as much as we can. While not everyone chooses Drupal, we believe it is the best option for most business websites — not only from a development approach, but also from an ROI approach. In the long run many businesses will see a stronger ROI from Drupal than from the various proprietary options, or even other open source options.

Features of Drupal website development

  • Clean, Extensible, & Modular Code
  • High Performance
  • Built-in caching
  • Scalable to multiple servers (database, caching, and web services)
  • InnoDB default
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Standards-compliant HTML/CSS
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Management of Content by End User
  • Well documented
  • Specific focus on usability
  • Word processor-style content editing
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Your website benefits from the work of many great minds who laid out the foundation, built great modules, and left easy ways for everything to be customized for your needs. Hiring a team of developers of this caliber of can be difficult and expensive.

  • No Lock-In

    Your website and data will not be stuck inside a proprietary system that only a few select companies or individuals know. And while Drupal-specific developers are currently in high demand, there is a much bigger pool of PHP developers who can get up to speed on Drupal relatively quickly and assist you with your ongoing support. Also, depending on your needs and comfort level, you can find Drupal expertise in the form of freelancers and all the way up to large companies to help with your Drupal needs.

  • Extensibility

    A programming methodology may not seem like a business case argument, but actually Drupal’s extensibility means that it is usually not necessary to rebuild a website when new features need to be added. The modularity and extensibility also facilitates the option of phases during development in order to break down cost into manageable portions.

  • All the Basic Features you need

    Drupal Core is their standard release of features, which includes: user account registration and maintenance, RSS-Feeds, menu management, system administration and page layout customization. These basic features can be used to create simple sites, single or multi user blogs, brochureware, forums, community websites and more.

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Turn your imagination into reality with customized designs and add-on modules of Drupal. Our experts at HelloInfinity are helping companies to launch new websites in Drupal 7, as well as migrate from existing websites built on Drupal 6 or other CMS to Drupal 7.

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