Coming out with innovative and practically useful high end bags Crisol offers a wide variety to its customers. More than just a product to contain ones belongings, Crisol wants that each of its product will be a part of its owner’s life.The brand believes that the durability of products from Crisol is something that must remain for the generations to come. By giving detailed attention to the raw hide and the continuous sub process involved until the final touches are given to a bag, it is ensured that quality is not compromised at any cost. Thus a product from Crisol should be something that its customers can be proud and cherish of. Crisol would love to hear from the brand’s valuable customers. The highest attention will be shown to any complaint or compliment. The vision of Crisol is to get ahead of its past records as time goes by. With a range of products for the executive and high class gentlemen of the society and for the luxury loving ladies of the society, Crisol will be launching new products every month. With its reasonable price structure, you can splurge in luxury and quality products without burning a hole in your pocket. In simple words, Crisol provides affordable luxury.

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